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Maintenance and repair of refrigeration equipment of all types near you—Rocky Mountain HVAC

Refrigeration equipment operates continuously, leading to active wear of nodes and parts. Breakdowns are common under such strain. Due to the complex design of refrigeration systems, attempting repairs with only a general idea of their structure and a minimal set of tools is unlikely to be successful. Only professionals are able to quickly diagnose the problem and resolve malfunctions effectively. Rocky Mountain has experience and a reputation as a reliable service center in the county. Our installers are real professionals who guarantee quality repairs and post-repair service.

Timely repair by professionals is the key to the stable operation of units

Always at your service, our team of specialists is just one call away to address any issues with your non-working equipment. We specialize in servicing various types of refrigeration equipment. This includes installing, diagnosing, repairing, adjusting, and eliminating minor and major malfunctions. Our advantages are experience, individual approach, accuracy in work, attention to detail, and readiness to help at the right moment. We have no competitors in the district.

  • We accept calls 24 hours a day in order to help customers with emergencies and planned repairs promptly.
  • We provide comprehensive services that restore the performance and factory characteristics of failed units.
  • We service industrial, commercial, and household refrigeration equipment.
  • We have spare parts from the best manufacturers.
  • We provide professional service and quality repair, guaranteeing a long service life for refrigerators of all types.

You should contact the service department at the first signs of unstable equipment operation, as equipment with worn parts cannot be used. Such carelessness will ultimately lead to increased restoration work and the number of service checks. For stable and long-term servicing, it is important to regularly carry out the prevention and maintenance of refrigeration equipment. After all, accurate diagnostics and timely repairs are always cheaper than replacing units.

Types of repairs to ensure reliability of work

Refrigeration units come in various types. They comprise mechanical, electrical, and engine components, including compressors, thermostats, control boards, and cooling systems. All of these can fail due to the influence of external factors.

The main types of wear that affect the performance of refrigerators are:

  • Mechanical: friction, vibrations, active operation in maximum mode, and low-quality lubricants lead to damage to the components of refrigeration units.
  • Thermal: the influence of high temperatures and sharp temperature drops contributes to destroying equipment elements.
  • Chemical: nodes in the contact zone with a wet environment are subject to corrosion, which damages metal parts.

Only after an examination and diagnosis of the problem can you discuss the scale of the breakdown and the terms and cost of refrigerator repair services.

We carry out diagnostics and professional analysis of causes and problems

In the first stage, diagnostics are carried out. This technically complex job is performed by specialists who have received a high level of training. They have professional education and regularly improve their qualifications. High-tech licensed equipment is used in diagnostics, which is regularly checked for accuracy.

Our experts visit the site to test and evaluate the technical condition of the equipment. With significant experience, our employees allow us to detect damage quickly. Most of the work is carried out on the client’s territory, and we work at facilities throughout the district. However, if on-site diagnostics are not possible, refrigerators or individual components are transported to our workshops for further examination and fault detection.

Transparency in the cost and volume of repair works

The client is informed about the diagnosis results. Specialists discuss detected malfunctions in detail, explain their causes, and offer several ways to solve the problem. The solutions offered may involve restoring components, completely replacing refrigeration equipment, or modernizing it.

The general repair scheme looks like this:

  • The technician departs no later than 24 hours after receiving the call.
  • A diagnosis of the issue is conducted near the equipment.
  • Proposals for solving the problem are made, which can involve repairing or replacing parts.
  • The cost of the service is calculated.
  • A contract, which includes warranty obligations, is signed.
  • The tasks specified in the contract are executed.
  • The equipment is inspected after the repair.
  • Payment is made for the services rendered.

This scheme is used in the repair of industrial refrigeration equipment, household refrigerators, showcases and cabinets, compressor-condenser units, ice generators, remote air-cooling condensers, and other equipment.

Repair of industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment

Even a small malfunction of commercial equipment can lead to significant material losses. Restaurants, shops, warehouses, and processing plants are completely dependent on the operation of refrigerators. It is more convenient for a business to conclude a contract with our company for the repair and maintenance of commercial refrigeration equipment than to suffer losses from breakdowns. Long-term relations with our service department will help avoid emergency situations.

Contracts are signed on favorable terms for the client. They have significant privileges—in the event of an emergency, the operators move them forward in the queue so that help is provided as quickly as possible. Planned inspections take place according to the schedule approved by the contract. We guarantee quality service at the best price. This means that the equipment will work without interruption, and you will not have to search for technicians near you.

Prevention, maintenance, and renewal of refrigeration equipment

In addition to repair services for commercial refrigeration equipment, our specialists carry out specialized diagnostics of installations. The purpose of the measures is to analyze the effectiveness of the system. Its operating parameters and energy efficiency are determined. Worn units can consume a large amount of electricity, so replacing and adjusting compressors and other components ultimately saves money.

Preventive works include:

  • visual inspection and diagnosis of system damage;
  • listening to the sounds of compressors and fans, detecting extraneous vibrations and noises;
  • checking the refrigerant level in the system;
  • analysis of the state of condensers, air coolers, and their cleaning;
  • inspection of the condition of the electrical control panel;
  • temperature measurement at the outlet of the air cooler.

Calibrating systems and checking the operation of electronics will help reduce resource consumption. Additionally, correctly adjusted equipment precisely supports the specified temperature regimes, while modernizing electronic control systems can increase efficiency. It is important to monitor the accuracy of the temperature regime. The replacement of thermostats and sensors guarantees the stability of temperature control.

Correct and timely equipment adjustment and automation ensure uninterrupted operation of refrigeration systems, reduce energy consumption, and guarantee the longevity of the equipment. However, the work related to the operation of refrigeration units requires in-depth knowledge and experience from specialists. For 16 years, our company has been dedicated to repairing refrigeration equipment, earning us a reputation as true professionals in the field. We have successfully helped numerous clients, and we will help you, too. Contact us, and we will solve your problems, regardless of their complexity.

To get started with HVAC systems service & installation, call us at +1 (801) 403 6072. Our expert is ready to make sure the job is done right the first time!

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