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Professional repair of commercial furnaces by specialists in Rocky Mountain HVAC

Systematic and timely repairs of industrial furnaces ensure business stability. They increase the service life of commercial equipment and the technical and economic indicators of furnace units. The sustainability of the production process depends on the quality of the work. Therefore, the issue of replacement and restoration of worn components and elements is always relevant. The Rocky Mountain company provides current and emergency repair servicing for industrial furnace equipment. We accept calls 24 hours a day and respond to them during the day. Our specialists are close to you and are ready to quickly come to your aid in difficult situations.

Types of repairs for commercial furnaces

Repair works are divided into two categories based on their volume: current and capital. These repairs are crucial to ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the furnace during its working cycle. Current repairs can be further classified as hot or cold, with the cold category subdivided into small, medium, and large repairs. Hot repairs, which require the least amount of work, are performed on large industrial furnaces while they are still hot. During these repairs, the fuel supply remains on; only the supply and temperature of the fuel in the working chamber are reduced. During a hot repair, individual damaged elements are replaced, and small areas of enclosures such as vaults, walls, and other elements are restored. On the other hand, a cold repair process involves a larger volume of work. It is carried out with the fuel supply turned off, and the furnace lining cooled. This process begins when the fuel supply is stopped and ends when the furnace is reheated. Once the operating temperature is reached, the quality of the equipment is checked.

Periodicity of repairs

The frequency of hot repairs is affected by the durability of the furnace’s components and the materials used in its construction and design. The interval between repair work can range from several days to several weeks or even months. For instance, hot blast furnace repairs are typically conducted twice a year. The duration of the repair work varies as well: it can last from several hours to a week or even a month. The frequency of routine cold repairs varies, ranging from every 30 days for converters to several years for heating and firing furnaces. Only companies with the appropriate licenses are permitted to conduct these repairs, and they employ experienced specialists to ensure high-quality work.


This type of repair of commercial furnaces is carried out when further operation becomes impractical due to the deterioration of technical and economic indicators. Before the start of repair work, the furnace, gas pipelines, air ducts, dust collectors, and air heaters are all completely disconnected from the operating units. All capital interventions vary in complexity. They can range from minor works to a complete modernization of the furnace. During a major repair, the furnace is completely disassembled, with parts replaced and restored as necessary. The frequency of such reconstructions ranges from 2 to 10 years. The duration of these repairs is influenced by many factors. They can take at least a day but may last up to a month.

Repair services from Rocky Mountain HVAC

Our company provides repair services for various types of thermal equipment. It also provides customers with high-quality components for emergency and scheduled maintenance of commercial furnaces.

We have the necessary equipment, a team of specialists, and repair experience, including:

  • gas and electric commercial furnaces of various types;
  • coke batteries;
  • various types of combustion units;
  • thermal equipment for drying various products;
  • equipment for heat treatment (quenching, chemical, and thermal treatment).

We offer several options for cooperation, including handling emergency calls and providing comprehensive services. Establishing a service contract with us benefits businesses. In doing so, your operations will be safeguarded against unexpected failures. We will help prevent unplanned shutdowns due to thermal equipment failure. With our company, you gain a reliable partner who is always there for you and your business.

Our service is comprehensive and includes:

  • diagnosis of the condition of housings and furnace units;
  • dismantling of structures that have lost their working characteristics;
  • replacement and painting of existing metal structures;
  • dismantling and replacement of the lining;
  • renewal of thermal insulation;
  • dismantling and replacement of burner equipment;
  • commissioning of thermal installations after repair.

A high-quality repair for industrial furnaces and other furnace units results in longer equipment service lives and electricity savings.

Preparation for commercial furnace repair

Each type of repair work requires special training. Our specialists will advise on the actions that must be taken before renovating or restoring the equipment. Even if our office is not near you, we will respond to the call quickly. The maximum waiting time after a call is one day.

Our specialists can undertake all the preparation for repairing an industrial furnace or tell you how to do it yourself without their participation. The customer chooses which option is more convenient for them. If necessary, specialists can check whether all the work is done at the required volume.

Commissioning of the commercial furnace after repair

Regardless of the work carried out during the reconstruction and repair, specialists control the correctness and quality of execution of the main elements and components before starting.

Commissioning works include checking the following:

  • the state of thermal seams in the masonry, the degree of their cleaning;
  • presence of gaps for free expansion of masonry;
  • the correctness of the implementation of special devices to compensate for the temperature expansion of the furnace elements;
  • the integrity of metal structures;
  • patency and tightness of cooling pipelines;
  • serviceability of all valves, valves, and taps;
  • operation of the pump for pumping out water;
  • compliance with the project and technical tasks;
  • correct installation of burners;
  • availability and serviceability of all mechanisms provided for by the project.

Our installers will carry out all the work necessary to put the commercial furnace into operation in accordance with industry regulations. Rocky Mountain’s installers are highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in their field and a solid educational background. They use modern equipment and strive for precision in their work. We fully stand behind the quality of our repair, reconstruction, and replacement services for commercial furnaces.

Design, modernization, and installation of commercial furnaces

At our company, you can custom order electric and gas furnaces tailored to your specific performance needs. Our specialists will design the project based on your requirements and, upon approval, begin its implementation. Due to our extensive resources, we are equipped to handle the implementation of even the most complex technical tasks. Our customers can rest assured that all actions are regulated by contractual standards, with every step meticulously documented.

According to your order, the company's engineering department will develop a project to modernize the furnace equipment. It may include replacing burners with modern models of recuperative type, repairing metal structures, and updating the control system.

In our work, we exclusively use modern equipment and materials. The automation of our technological process control, along with the shut-off and regulating valves, heat-insulating materials, and other components, all possess the necessary certificates and adhere to current standards.

We provide cost-effective and timely installation of commercial furnaces at your facility. The use of innovative technologies and high-quality materials ensures the equipment's durability. Our specialists' expertise, accountability, and professionalism are key to maintaining the stability of your production.

To get started with Furnace service & installation, call us at +1 (801) 403 6072. Our expert HVAC team is ready to make sure the job is done right the first time!

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