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commercial freezer repair

A professional approach to the repair of commercial freezers: effective solutions near you

The stability of businesses dealing with the sale and storage of frozen products at low temperatures relies heavily on the steady operation of commercial freezers. Despite the reliability of equipment from top manufacturers, failures can occur. In such emergencies, finding technicians to repair commercial freezers quickly can be challenging and risky—because it is not always possible to find a company that is nearby and ready to come help immediately after a call. After all, every hour of waiting counts. If you are in search of a reliable partner for such situations, contact Rocky Mountain. We are a team of professionals adept at swiftly and efficiently solving complex problems.

Our services

The company’s service department will ensure the stable, trouble-free operation of your freezing units. Our skilled technicians not only possess the necessary qualifications but also continually enhance their expertise. They receive training at the factories of leading industrial equipment manufacturers and undergo regular professional training. Importantly, our specialists are near you, ensuring a timely response to your calls.

We provide a wide range of services, including:

  • immediate dispatch of our expert technicians to your location;
  • emergency recovery of equipment;
  • replacement of individual components and parts;
  • comprehensive repair of freezers using digital equipment;
  • setting up the operation of the equipment after installation;
  • service maintenance and modernization of installations;
  • remote monitoring of the operation of refrigeration units;
  • customer information support.

Our company's strengths are promptness and professionalism. We guarantee the highest level of freezer repair service in the district. Our operations are legitimate and legal, and we stand by the quality of our work by providing guarantees for all our services. Also, we use certified equipment and components from the best manufacturers.

Types of commercial freezers we repair

Our installers' high level of qualification enables us to service a wide range of refrigeration equipment. This includes complex equipment with control technologies for temperature, humidity, and gas environments. We are equipped with the necessary devices and advanced technology to repair both commercial and industrial fridges.

We repair all types of commercial and industrial freezers, including:

  • air freezers;
  • freezers that use non-contact processing of products;
  • freezers that use contact freezing methods (such as cryogenic, freon, or carbon dioxide);
  • freezers that use refrigerants.

We guarantee high-quality repair of equipment for various purposes, such as storing frozen berries, vegetables, meat, and fish, freezing and cooling various products, and shock-freezing tunnels.

Diagnosis of the problem

Diagnostics is the first step in freezer repair. Often, the causes of malfunctions are not immediately apparent. It takes highly qualified specialists who understand the operational principles of commercial freezers and are familiar with their weak points to quickly identify the problem. We entrust these tasks to our experienced technicians. They use digital testers and are well acquainted with modern diagnostic methods.

The low performance of freezer equipment, accompanied by high electricity consumption, is a reason to call a professional technician. In this case, specialists test the equipment, identify the cause of the excessive electricity consumption, and offer solutions to increase efficiency.

Common malfunctions of commercial freezers

Commercial equipment breakdowns can be diverse; their causes often depend on the type and model of the equipment. The most common among them are:

  • insufficient cooling and failure of the compressor;
  • clogging of the heat exchanger;
  • ice formation and improper operation of the thermostat;
  • malfunction of the defrosting system;
  • failure of the drainage system and accumulation of moisture;
  • wiring and power supply problems;
  • control system malfunctions;
  • malfunctions of the temperature controller;
  • damage to the integrity of the camera and thermal insulation;
  • refrigerant leakage;
  • damage to pipelines or fittings;
  • operational problems.

Regular maintenance, timely detection, and elimination of malfunctions are important to ensure the efficient operation of commercial fridges.

Work plan for the repair of commercial freezers

The company provides freezer service and emergency repair. The dispatch service accepts calls 24 hours a day. Calls are processed quickly and immediately transferred to qualified specialists. We have spare parts from the best manufacturers and a well-established system of emergency assistance. You don't have to wait for the parts you ordered to arrive from a remote county or state.

The approximate scheme of assistance is as follows:

  • The specialist arrives at the location within 24 hours of receiving the call.
  • On-site diagnostics are performed by the specialist.
  • The specialist tests the nodes and determines the problem.
  • The causes of the malfunction are explained, and several solutions are proposed.
  • The cost of repairs at the facility is calculated.
  • The type of repair is determined by the owner: this could involve replacing individual elements, nodes, or cameras.
  • A contract is signed by both parties.
  • Payment is made upon completion of the commercial fridge repairs.

Specialists who go on calls are well-versed in the refrigeration equipment market. In the event that the repair will be economically unprofitable, it makes sense to abandon it and install new modern energy-saving equipment. Our company can offer optimal options: we will design, bring, and install equipment that will work for a long time without repair. Ultimately, it can be more profitable than spending money to support the operation of nodes that have already lost their operational characteristics. But the decision is always up to the owner.

Compressor repair

Commercial equipment features powerful, high-performance compressors. Repairing these components can be quite costly, making them one of the most expensive parts to fix. Specialized equipment is necessary to restore their operation. Our company offers a range of services, including the use of advanced technology that helps our skilled technicians quickly repair seriously damaged compressors and restore them to working condition.

The advisability of repairing the fridge's freezer compressor is determined by the type of malfunction and its state of wear. Thanks to modern test systems, it is possible to accurately determine whether it is possible to restore its full operation or whether it is economically more profitable to purchase a new one.

Replacement of freezing equipment

Repairs may include replacing damaged parts and maintaining working elements. We use high-quality parts for replacement, as this affects the duration of the equipment's further operation. However, even the most durable equipment has its service life; it must be modernized or replaced over time. Our specialists will advise you on which modifications are appropriate for your business and help you install freezers at your facility.

Service of commercial freezers

In order to prevent problems in the future, we recommend concluding a service contract. The cost of this service is affordable. It includes remote counseling, preventive examinations, and timely testing of all systems. Specialists identify problem areas in time and repair them, preventing serious malfunctions. Our customers are satisfied with the level of our service. This high-quality service ensures trouble-free refrigerating and freezing equipment operation, and it comes with a guarantee, which is extremely important for business.

Careful diagnosis and planning of preventive work for timely repair or installation of commercial freezers will ensure the equipment's efficiency for a long period of time and help save time and money.

To get started with Refrigeration service & installation, call us at +1 (801) 403 6072. Our expert HVAC team is ready to make sure the job is done right the first time!

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