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Professional installation of a heating system guarantees the durability and reliability of the equipment

Are you looking for craftsmen who can professionally install a heating system? We’re here to assist you! If you live in Utah and are interested in a heating installation company near you, we can help. We will provide advice on equipment selection, conduct a detailed diagnosis of already installed equipment, determine if it can be repaired, assist with selecting new equipment, and offer professional advice on various other issues related to the installation of the heating system.

Benefits of installing a heating system by Rocky Mountain Heating and Air

Rocky Mountain HVAC offers a wide range of services. For many years, the company has served residents of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, and up to 25 km outside the city. We cooperate with both large organizations and private clients. Our experienced and qualified specialists provide guarantees for the work performed and the equipment used.

Rocky Mountain Heating and Air provides heating installation services, including the following:

  • Installation of new systems on any type of premises—from residential buildings to large industrial buildings. Our specialists perform home heating installation on a turnkey basis, meaning we offer a comprehensive approach to this type of work.
  • Our specialists have the necessary knowledge and skills to install various types of heating systems, including gas, electric, water, and others. We use only high-quality and certified equipment that meets all safety standards and regulations. Our specialists perform home heating installation, including the installation of heating boilers, radiators, pipelines, and other components.
  • Our experts analyze the client’s requirements and needs, as well as the features of the room, in order to choose the optimal type of system and its components. We provide consultations on the selection of heating equipment, calculate heat requirements, and develop an installation project.
  • Our specialists professionally connect systems to gas, electric, or other networks. We carefully check all connections and take all necessary measures to ensure safety during the operation of heating systems.
  • When installing heating systems, we take into account not only the client’s heat needs but also economic factors. We offer optimal solutions to reduce costs for heating premises using energy-efficient equipment and technologies.
  • Our specialists perform service in strict compliance with generally accepted requirements and standards. We also ensure thorough quality control of equipment installation and operation to ensure maximum efficiency, reliability, and longevity of the systems.
  • Our specialists carry out heating installation services using high-quality, certified equipment. Our company holds certificates such as EPA certification and RMGA certification. We only cooperate with proven manufacturers, including Carrier Corporation, which manufactures climate equipment and heating equipment from well-known brands such as Payne, Tempstar, Carrier, Bryant, and Day & Night. A guarantee is provided for all types of products.

We offer high-quality equipment of various types for installing energy-efficient equipment for sale, including mini-split units, VRF, fan coils, furnaces, complete roof installations, and heat pumps. We also offer services for the installation, maintenance, and repair of heating systems, including emergency and scheduled services.

How the heating system is installed by Rocky Mountain HVAC specialists

The installation of a heating system is a rather complicated process, requiring the professional assistance of a specialist at every stage.

Here is how it works when you use the services of Rocky Mountain Heating and Air:

  1. Call a specialist.
  2. Schedule an appointment.
  3. Diagnostic of the system’s condition and problem detection.
  4. Explanation of the problem, determination of repair costs, and possible issues after the repair.
  5. Explanation of the cost of replacing the system if it is old.
  6. Choice of solution—repair or replacement with a new system (depending on your preference).
  7. Contract and guarantee.
  8. Signing the contract.
  9. Repair or installation of a new home heating system.
  10. Invoice.
  11. Payment and receipt.
  12. Registration of the climate system.

Did your heater break down in the cold? Don’t panic! Just give us a call, and we’ll send you a qualified technician right away. We work around the clock to ensure that you are not left without heat during the winter. Our technician will either repair the equipment in emergency mode or offer to quickly replace it if the old one cannot be repaired. Our specialists have extensive experience in installing heating systems for various buildings, so whether you need assistance for a large-scale enterprise or a private house, we have expertise. We also have equipment for installing heaters of various types in different facilities. After completing all the necessary work on the installation of the heating system, the technician will conduct thorough checks to ensure that the equipment is functioning properly.

Rocky Mountain Heating and Air offers competitive pricing on all of its services. We also provide different payment options to make your investment more affordable.

Special offers:

  • Get a 50% discount on the initial diagnosis of any type of system.
  • Enjoy summer and winter servicing for $49.
  • Receive a refund if you are not satisfied with the result, with flexible terms.

One of the advantages of our company is that we provide a full cycle of work—from design to installation and commissioning of the heating system. We also offer a guarantee for our work and equipment, giving our customers confidence in the quality and safety of their heating systems.

How to determine if your heating system needs to be replaced

Signs that your heater needs replacement or repair:

  • The heater does not turn on.
  • There is an unpleasant smell coming from the heater.
  • The temperature is unstable, which may indicate a malfunction of the heating elements or thermostat.
  • There are constant noises, such as knocking, rattling, or humming, which may be a sign that the system is outdated and needs to be replaced.
  • Short compressor cycles, in which the heater cycles on and off periodically. This can lead to overheating of the heat exchanger and a shutdown of the entire system.
  • Detection of carbon monoxide using a detector.

Constant problems and the need for regular repairs. By ignoring the problem, you not only fail to save money but also put yourself at risk.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Heating System? If your equipment has served you for more than 15 years, it will likely need to be replaced in the next few years. Old systems are less efficient than new ones, and their use can significantly increase the cost of electricity during operation. They also break down more often.

Some repairs, such as replacing the heat exchanger, can be very expensive. If you need such a repair, it is advisable to spend money on new equipment rather than only replacing elements of the system. Therefore, if the cost of repairing your heating system is 50% or more of the cost of new equipment, it is definitely better to replace it.

The decision to repair or replace the heater can also be made in the event of an emergency situation, such as an equipment failure. Don’t delay when a serious problem arises that could jeopardize the health and safety of your family.

To get started with Heating service & installation, call us at +1 (801) 403 6072. Our expert HVAC team is ready to make sure the job is done right the first time!

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