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Residential and commercial AC repair—trust only proven companies

Enterprises, large-scale production, warehouses, shopping and entertainment complexes, restaurants, cafes—this is only a small list of objects that are used to create optimal climatic conditions for the air conditioning system. Modern solutions—multifunctional devices that, in addition to air cooling, perform many other useful functions—are widely used to equip private houses and apartments.

In large cities, where there is an increased level of atmospheric pollution with harmful gases, the air conditioner is often the only means to obtain fresh air, especially in the conditions of an apartment located in a high-rise building. Modern solutions can not only cool but also filter the air, creating a comfortable and healthy microclimate in the room.

Therefore, if the device is out of order, do not delay—order professional AC repair from technicians. Our company offers a wide range of HVAC-R services for inspection, replacement, repair, installation, and other maintenance of heating and cooling systems.

Why you can entrust us with air conditioner repair

We work with certified equipment and have provided professional service for air conditioning systems of various types for over 16 years. Cooperation with our company will allow you to enjoy a list of advantages:

  • All work, including emergency AC repair, is carried out by our specialists only after system diagnostics.
  • The final choice of whether to repair or completely replace the system is up to you.
  • The technician’s visit takes place within one day from the moment of contacting our managers.
  • Repair and service of air conditioners is carried out by our specialists only after signing the contract.
  • The execution of work, depending on the complexity, takes 1–2 days.
  • You can view examples of work performed by our specialists and read reviews from our customers on the company’s website.
  • We guarantee a refund if you are not satisfied with the result.
  • Special offers: 50% discount on the first diagnosis of any system, winter and summer maintenance—$49.

Our operations are officially licensed, and we take pride in our impeccable reputation. We operate around the clock—24 hours a day. AC repair is carried out in accordance with the highest quality standards and using certified equipment. Our qualified specialists guarantee promptness and efficiency in all performed work, ensuring the reliable operation of your equipment.

24-hour repair of air conditioning and more—our service

We strive to provide a full range of fast services to ensure the optimal functioning of the equipment. The service approach includes regular inspections, maintenance, and quick interventions in case of malfunctions of any climatic equipment: air conditioners, heating, ventilation, cooling systems, artificial snow melting systems, air and water heating, and boilers.

Our services do not only include AC repair and service. The Rocky Mountain company specializes in the implementation and installation of equipment for the organization of systems:

  • Air conditioning: air conditioners, fan coils, heat pumps, chillers.
  • Heating: furnaces, mini-split systems, VRF, complete roof installations, heat pumps, fan coils.
  • Cooling: freezers, refrigerating chambers, ice generators.
  • Hydronics: snow melting and radiant heat, boilers.

The equipment is manufactured by the Carrier Corporation, renowned for brands like Carrier, Tempstar, Bryant, Day&Night, and Payne. All products come with a guarantee. We exclusively offer certified goods, and their prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Our company handles service, installation, and the sale of climate equipment within the territory of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. If you need to request urgent air conditioner repair, do not hesitate—call the numbers provided on the website or fill out the feedback form.

If our service center is near you, you can count on the quick arrival of our specialist. After evaluating the condition of the equipment and determining the possibility of repair, our specialist will suggest the best course of action—whether it is repair, replacement, or improvement of the air conditioner. Our specialists are always prepared to offer comprehensive advice and professionally carry out all the necessary work, considering your needs and preferences.

In what cases may air conditioner repair be necessary?

Even the most reliable equipment can fail due to various reasons, such as long-term use, voltage drops in the power grid, or non-compliance with operating rules. The good news is, if you reside in the state of Utah (USA), our company has a service center near you. Therefore, if you require air conditioner repair, including emergency repairs, call our specialist to your home or the facility where the equipment malfunctions were detected. The specialist will diagnose the problem, provide advice on the scope of work and their cost, and immediately initiate measures to restore the normal operation of the equipment.

Specialized equipment and modern diagnostic methods are employed to detect application failures. Repair of a home air conditioner may become necessary in the presence of the following signs of equipment malfunctions:

  • The device does not turn on and does not respond to the control panel.
  • Uncharacteristic flickering or shining of the LEDs has appeared.
  • The power of the central unit is insufficient to cool or heat the room.
  • Unusual sounds and noises occur during the equipment’s operation.
  • Clogged filters, dust in the drain, and dirt on the evaporator.
  • The thermostat is not working, and condensation does not occur.

If you observe such signs of improper operation of air conditioning devices, promptly contact the nearby service center to avoid worsening the situation and prevent potential serious problems. Our specialists will conduct a swift analysis of the causes of the malfunction and take immediate measures to restore the functions of the equipment and ensure its correct operation. Alternatively, they may suggest replacing devices that cannot be repaired.

To call our technician, complete the feedback form on the website if you require:

  • Repair of a window air conditioner.
  • Repair of any elements of household air conditioning or heating systems, specifically fixing the AC unit.
  • Repair of a portable air conditioner.
  • Measures to restore the operation of a floor air conditioner, etc.

Whether it is a window, portable, or central air conditioner, repair work can be conducted on-site. If there is a need to transport the faulty equipment to the service center, our qualified technician will handle disassembly and subsequent installation.

Repair of the air conditioner—what malfunctions can we address?

Repairs to modern split systems can involve various breakdowns, such as freon leaks, compressor and electronics issues, fan damage, or motor problems. In many cases, compressor repair requires complete replacement, incurring significant costs. Timely system maintenance can help avoid such expenses.

Our repair services include:

  • Restoration or replacement of electronic boards.
  • Replacement of pressure and temperature sensors.
  • Filling portable or central units with refrigerant.
  • Replacement of fans.
  • Elimination of air conditioner leaks.
  • Replacement of compressors.

Each task begins with a thorough diagnosis of the breakdown. The technician identifies the type of equipment, the malfunction, and ways to rectify it. We use only original spare parts and modern, high-quality equipment to repair and restore the operation of the air conditioner.

To get started with Air Conditioning service & installation, call us at +1 (801) 403 6072. Our expert HVAC team is ready to make sure the job is done right the first time!

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