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Heat Pump installation

Installation of a heat pump by professionals—features and advantages of the process

Even the most reliable heat pump can fail over time. Unfortunately, the equipment is not always repairable. Do not try to decide on your own whether it will be possible to restore the operation of the equipment by replacing some parts, and do not engage in its installation if you do not have the appropriate skills and tools. Specialists should decide on the possibility of repairing or replacing the equipment only after a full diagnosis of the condition of the equipment.

Entrust the repair or installation of a heat pump to professionals! Our qualified and experienced HVAC professionals are ready to help you. We offer fast and high-quality repair of heat pumps of any complexity and air source heat pump maintenance. If necessary, we can replace worn parts and units and advise you on the operation and maintenance of heating systems. The work of our team of specialists is your guarantor of a comfortable microclimate in your home!

Installation of a heat pump by professionals—advantages

Rocky Mountain specializes in HVAC-R services, providing diagnostics, repair, installation, and other services for heat pumps and other heating and air conditioning equipment. Our professional craftsmen use high-quality certified equipment to perform all work. Rocky Mountain's activities are officially licensed and include servicing both private clients and large commercial facilities.

Heat pump repair service by our specialists includes:

1. Diagnostics:

  • Checking all system components
  • Identifying the causes of heat pump failure
  • Determining the spare parts and materials requiring replacement

2. Repair:

  • Replacing worn parts and units
  • Troubleshooting of any complexity
  • Refueling with refrigerant
  • Adjustment works

3. Installation of an air heat pump if necessary.

4. Preventive maintenance:

  • Cleaning and adjusting the operation of the heat pump
  • Replacement of filters
  • Checking the tightness of the system
  • Controlling work parameters

5. Additional services:

  • Selecting and supplying spare parts
  • Installing and dismantling heat pumps
  • Consulting on the operation and maintenance of heat pumps

Our company provides air source heat pump repair service, installation, and heating and air conditioning equipment sales in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. We choose only the best for you! Our company uses material and equipment only from proven manufacturers, in the reliability of whose products we are absolutely sure.

Why you should contact Rocky Mountain heating and air conditioning

We cooperate with Carrier Corporation, a world leader in the HVAC-R industry, which owns well-known brands like Carrier, Day&Night, Tempstar, Bryant, and Payne. All our products are certified and have a guarantee. We offer competitive prices because we believe that investing in the comfort and reliability of your equipment is a smart decision. The cost of the equipment and services of our specialists is negotiated before the installation or maintenance of heating, air conditioning, or ventilation systems begins. Our company has EPA and RMGA certifications.

Fast and quality service is our priority! If our service center is near you, you can count on the prompt departure of a qualified specialist. The specialist will arrive to you within 24 hours from the moment the application is made.

We specialize in servicing:

  • Snow melting systems
  • Climate technology—air conditioners, ventilation, and cooling systems
  • Air and water heating systems
  • Service of heating systems—stoves, boilers, and HVAC heat pump replacement

Contact us, and we will take care of your comfort at any time of the year!

Installation or repair of a heat pump by specialists has several advantages:

  • Professional approach: Specialists have the necessary experience and knowledge to install a heat pump, ensuring smooth, efficient, and safe equipment operation.
  • Optimal selection of equipment: An experienced specialist will help you choose a heat pump, considering your home or business needs, wishes, and features.
  • Service: If our service center is near you, namely in any area of Salt Lake City, you can count on the help of our specialists at any time of the day. Servicing the equipment after its sale, monitoring its condition and operation, and timely replacement of parts make it possible to significantly extend its service life.
  • Installation or repair of heat pumps by professionals: This ensures the correct setting of the equipment, which contributes to the high efficiency of its operation. Thus, reducing heating costs and having significant energy savings is possible.
  • Minimizing the risk of errors
  • Work quality guarantee

Contact us, and your heat pump will work without interruption for many years! You can contact us by phone or through our website.

Heat pump installations—process features

A heat pump replacement service may be needed if the equipment has served you for more than ten years, increases your electricity bills, or has malfunctions that require expensive repairs or if you have doubts about the safety of its operation. However, do not rush to decide on installing new equipment. Our specialists will help you determine whether your unit needs to be replaced, and will quite possibly give the existing equipment a chance.

Installation of a heat pump by specialists—features of the process (stages):

1. Design:

  • Selecting the type of heat pump (air–water, water–water, soil–water)
  • Calculating the heat pump capacity
  • Choosing a place to install outdoor and indoor units
  • Designing the heating (cooling) system

2. Installation:

  • Installing external and internal units of the heat pump
  • Laying pipelines and cables
  • Connecting to a heat source (air, soil, or water)
  • Connecting to the heating (cooling) system

3. Debugging:

  • Starting and adjusting the heat pump
  • Checking operations and troubleshooting
  • Introducing the users

The equipment used when installing a heat pump:

  • Heat pump: The system's central (main) component uses energy from the environment to heat or cool your home. There are different types of such equipment: air–water, water–water, soil–water, and air–air. Each type has its characteristics and is suitable for certain conditions.
  • Outdoor unit: It is the part of the pump placed outside. It contains a compressor, an evaporator, and a condenser. The outdoor unit is responsible for taking thermal energy from the environment.
  • Indoor unit: This is placed inside your home or facility. It contains a condenser, evaporator, and other components responsible for heat transfer to the heating–cooling system.
  • Pipelines: Pipes circulate the refrigerant between the outdoor and indoor units. They must be made of high-quality material resistant to temperature and pressure changes.
  • Cables: They serve to connect the heat pump to the power grid. Cables must have an appropriate cut and degree of protection.
  • Additional equipment: Depending on the type of heat pump and heating (cooling) system, the following can be used: boiler, heat exchanger, circulation pump, expansion tank, thermal insulation, and automation system.

Installing or repairing a heat pump is a complex process that requires quality equipment and professional installation. By contacting specialists, you can ensure your heat pump will work as efficiently as possible, saving you money and providing comfort in your home. Choose quality equipment from proven manufacturers. Contact qualified specialists for equipment selection and installation, and follow the rules for operating the heat pump.

To get started with Heating service & installation, call us at +1 (801) 403 6072. Our expert HVAC team is ready to make sure the job is done right the first time!

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