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Mini Split installation

Installation of mini-split systems by professionals at Rocky Mountain near you

The indoor microclimate affects a person's health, well-being, and working capacity. It is formed under the influence of various indicators. The main role among them is played by air temperature; a few extra degrees of heat or cold can create significant discomfort. The optimal indoor microclimate is not created by itself. Its parameters are adjusted using modern devices. You can optimize the indicators by installing mini-split systems—devices for heating and cooling air that differ from air conditioners in simplified installation, high reliability, and energy efficiency.

What is a mini-split system: advantages and features

The mini-split system is a modern heating and cooling technology that regulates the temperature in a room. The equipment is popular among domestic and commercial consumers. It can be installed in an apartment, office, or building on any floor. There are models on the market designed for small rooms up to 15 m2 and spacious areas of more than 80 m2. The system consists of two main parts: the internal walls and external blocks. These parts are separate elements, which is why they are called systems.

The principle of operation of mini-split systems

The mini-split system can work in two cycles—air cooling and air heating—without the need for large pipelines. Its operating principle is similar to that of a refrigerator. In the cooling cycle, warm air passes through the evaporator of the internal unit, and the refrigerant enters the external compressor-condenser unit. The cooled air masses then return to the room. The reverse is used for heating. Most mini-split units do not take in air from the outside and do not remove it from the room, so they are not suitable for ventilation. The outer part is responsible for removing heat or cold from the environment. A built-in fan distributes air in the room. The mini-split system works in automatic mode and provides accurate temperature regulation and comfort without significant energy consumption.

Advantages of mini-split systems

  • It has compact dimensions that allow its installation in small rooms where it is difficult to provide central air conditioning.
  • Its installation does not require the laying of air ducts and channels.
  • It has individual control of the temperature on the premises, which helps to save electricity.
  • It has a low noise level, which allows you to install equipment in bedrooms, offices, and other rooms where silence is important.
  • It has high reliability and durability, which are based on the stable operation of modern inverter motors.
  • It is affordable and has a large set of functions.
  • It has high energy efficiency, which reduces electricity costs compared to traditional heating and air conditioning.

Professional installation is a guarantee of high efficiency of the equipment

Installation of mini-split systems requires specialists. The outdoor unit (block), which is attached to the building’s facade, is mounted outside. This often involves work at height, where only installers with the appropriate qualifications are involved. Our specialists have a license to connect and install mini-split systems in buildings of different heights. All types of services are guaranteed.

We install different types of mini-split systems, including:

  • wall-mounted, the most popular equipment, consists of an external and an internal unit;
  • cassette, which has a stylish design and is mounted on the ceiling, is characterized by improved air distribution;
  • channel air conditioners, models of hidden installation with installation in the ceiling, distribute air through channels in several rooms;
  • floor-ceiling, powerful models for large rooms where it is difficult to install a cassette or channel air conditioner;
  • Multi-split systems are separate equipment that involves connecting several internal units to one external unit.

Features of mini-split air conditioning equipment installation

Before installing a mini-split system, it is important to choose its capacity correctly. Only in this case will climate technology work effectively. For optimal performance, the outdoor and indoor units should be installed at a certain distance. This is not always easy to achieve, especially in apartment buildings. Blocks cannot be attached at will. There may be neighbors nearby who will be disturbed by the equipment. For some buildings, it is necessary to obtain permits for the installation of a mini-split system with external elements. The mini-split block on the facade needs to be connected to the power grid, and this also has its own characteristics. Do not use extension cords under any circumstances. It is also necessary to provide connections to the network for collecting and draining condensate. Sometimes, it is possible to connect the installation to already-existing drainage systems. In other cases, it is necessary to install new condensate traps. When you order Rocky Mountain to install mini split systems, we take care of all of that.

Stages of the installation of mini-splits

To order Rocky Mountain's installation service, you just need to call or make an appointment. The dispatch service accepts applications around the clock. Our installers are near you and ready to implement your projects quickly.

The scheme of work involves several stages, including:

  • inspection of the system, selection of the optimal block connection scheme;
  • concluding a contract for the performance of work;
  • installation of the external unit;
  • indoor unit installation;
  • laying drainage;
  • control of the tightness of the external jump;
  • power supply connection;
  • checking the quality of work near the object.

For the system to work as a heat source, technicians can install a mini-split heat pump. The total cost of installation depends on its complexity and the use of additional fasteners, pipelines, and cables. Our installers make sure that everything you need is nearby, so you don't need to look for spare parts stores nearby or buy something extra.

Maintenance of mini-splits

Uninterrupted operation of mini-split systems is possible with timely maintenance. To ensure stable operation, we advise you to sign a contract with our company for the performance of these works. The cost of such a service is affordable, and the benefits are obvious.

The service includes the following actions:

  • cleaning and replacement of filters;
  • refrigerant level adjustment;
  • steam and mechanical cleaning of coils;
  • fan operation control;
  • restoration or replacement of pipelines and heat pumps;
  • checking the contacts of electrical connections.

Installation of a mini-split and timely maintenance of all system nodes ensure individual comfort for each room. With a mini-split, it is easy to control the temperature in individual rooms, allowing you to use energy efficiently and save on bills.

Repair of heating and air conditioning systems by professionals

If necessary, our technicians will repair split units or other broken equipment. The first step in repairing a split system is to determine the cause of the problem. A qualified technician will perform the diagnosis using special equipment and tools. If the compressor in a mini-split system needs to be replaced, the technician will dismantle it, and after repair, they will install and check the equipment.

In the event that the equipment is so worn out that its repair and operation become economically unprofitable, our specialists will offer to replace the mini-split system with its subsequent installation. A team of professionals is ready to provide you with maximum comfort and convenience—call us to get the emergency service we provide near you. We install and repair mini-split systems with a quality guarantee. We operate in a legitimate and lawful manner and provide flexible solutions for your home or office.

To get started with Heating service & installation, call us at +1 (801) 403 6072. Our expert HVAC team is ready to make sure the job is done right the first time!

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