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Service and repair of furnaces near you 24/7

When installing the furnace, the owners count on its uninterrupted operation. We understand how important it is to keep your home warm. Your furnace should also reduce your bills, not increase them. Proper maintenance will allow you to enjoy the warmth in your home longer without unnecessary expenses.

Why is it essential to maintain the furnace regularly?

  • An improperly adjusted or dirty furnace can cause excessive energy consumption. Deposits as little as 1 mm thick can result in 5%–7% energy loss, increasing heating costs. Timely cleaning will help save you money.
  • Regular maintenance helps extend the life of the heater. An inspection lets you catch small problems before they become large and expensive, which causes a breakdown that will require urgent or furnace replacement services.
  • Adjusting the heating has a positive effect on environmental protection. A furnace operating at optimum efficiency does not emit more greenhouse and other harmful gases than permitted. This will keep the air in your area cleaner.
  • Timely maintenance of your furnace prevents problems with heating energy efficiency. In this case, devices do not consume more energy than needed to produce the required heat.
  • Unmaintained thermal furnaces can cause fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, or other toxic substances. In an emergency, you should contact a furnace maintenance and repair company that works around the clock.
  • Following the rules, some companies require a mandatory device inspection by a qualified craftsman at least once a year.

Electric ovens require minimal maintenance. However, it is recommended that an annual technical inspection be carried out, including cleaning or replacing the filter or fan.

Gas furnace requires a little more attention. Inspecting before each heating season is recommended to ensure the device's efficiency, service life, and safe operation.

The best time for furnace maintenance

If the manufacturer did not specify the terms, we recommend conducting a technical inspection of the heating system once a year. The best period for furnace maintenance is the time before the start of the cold season. The interval between the heating season, from the beginning of summer to the beginning of autumn, is ideal. You will have plenty of time if any part needs to be replaced.

In the middle of the heating season, maintenance and repair of furnaces is accompanied by a loss of comfort because some types of work require turning off the heat for several days. Since craftsmen often have to leave for emergency and repair work in the fall and winter, finding a professional specialist in the summer is easier. Timely repair of furnaces also affects your safety, so we advise you to approach this responsibly and take care of it in advance.

Signs that you need to call a furnace repairman

Call us today if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • The device started making a lot of noise.
  • The heating system cannot be turned on/off.
  • The oven keeps turning itself off.
  • A strange smell or a carbon monoxide detector has been triggered.
  • The available indicators stopped lighting up.
  • The equipment stopped supplying heat.

If you notice these signs, we recommend contacting our service within 24 hours—we will urgently do a heat furnace repair so that you stay safe and your home remains warm and comfortable.

How much does a furnace repair cost?

To calculate the cost, the furnace repair technician takes into account factors such as:

  • Time spent on maintenance and repairs of your furnace
  • The state of the furnace
  • Service—the cost of the work of a furnace repair technician
  • The price of spare parts
  • Furnace installation
  • Diagnostics, settings, and additional services
  • The warranty—does it cover the costs of eliminating certain problems?

The cost is calculated individually according to the situation. Cleaning and repairing furnaces with our team will no longer be your problem. We will offer a price that does not threaten your budget!

When do you need to replace the furnace?

The average service life of the furnace is 15 years. Regular compliance with maintenance rules allows you to continue the operation of the equipment. But over time, the device will fail more often, requiring expensive repairs.

Replacement of furnaces is required when regular breakdowns occur. If the cost of adjusting the operation of the equipment that has been in operation for a long time is more than half of its price, you should think about buying a new one. Installation of furnaces with modern characteristics will allow you to save money in the long run and protect your family from dangerous situations.

Is it worth saving and doing furnace maintenance yourself?

Emergency furnace repair can only be done by specialists with the technical knowledge and skills necessary to eliminate problems. Specialists understand the compatibility of individual components and have the right tools to perform various works safely. Independent intervention can create additional problems and risks. Furthermore, an oven under warranty will not be eligible for refunds or replacements after self-service repairs.

Regular technical inspection by a qualified craftsman of our company is a reasonable and necessary investment. Such measures will help extend the service life of the heating system, save repair costs, and provide a sense of security. Additionally, furnace maintenance optimizes energy consumption and helps reduce environmental damage.

Our company provides component installation and replacement services. Only qualified craftsmen working with us carry out furnace cleaning & repair, inspection, and maintenance of heating and cooling systems. Your happiness and satisfaction are our priority! We will quickly answer all questions and carry out diagnostics so your home is always warm and comfortable.

24/7 Emergency service by your side

Call our company now to get your furnace diagnosed and repaired according to the cause of the malfunction. If necessary, we will offer a worthy replacement of the equipment.

Why you will like working with our company:

  • Round-the-clock design, installation, and maintenance of any climate systems for residential, commercial, and industrial premises
  • Up to 24 hours between the call and the specialist's arrival
  • We sell hundreds of certified systems annually.
  • Quick response and always in touch
  • Various payment methods: invoice, check, and cash
  • One-year warranty after installation of the system

You will be satisfied with our service—we protect the heat in your homes! Experienced furnace repair technicians can handle any heater—leave a request, and we will ensure it.

Call +1 (801) 403 6072 to find the closest One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning boiler service team near you

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