Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air Conditioner maintenance

Professional air conditioner maintenance is a guarantee of its long-term operation

Regular professional maintenance of the air conditioner allows the timely elimination of malfunctions and other problems, ensuring efficient and long-term operation of the equipment. This important aspect cannot be neglected, as neglect may lead to negative consequences. Issues such as dirty filters, insufficient refrigerant levels, or worn parts can result in interruptions in the device’s operation. Neglecting the need for air conditioner maintenance can lead to the failure of individual components, requiring additional and significant costs for repairs or even complete equipment replacement.

Professional air conditioner maintenance ensures not only uninterrupted operation but also the maintenance of a healthy and comfortable environment on the premises. Regular checks of all system parts, timely cleaning, and maintenance are crucial to avoiding serious problems and ensuring optimal equipment operation.

Benefits of regular air conditioner maintenance

Neglecting regular air conditioner maintenance can have serious consequences, affecting the efficiency of the devices and compromising air quality. The microclimate in the room can become not only uncomfortable but also dangerous, especially for allergy sufferers.

Reasons not to neglect the need for regular AC unit maintenance and service:

  • Preservation of air quality: Maintenance includes filter cleaning, preventing an increase in the concentration of dust, allergens, and other pollutants in the air.
  • Contaminated or damaged components can negatively affect the operation of the equipment, leading to decreased productivity and increased electricity consumption.
  • Regular maintenance is a condition for increasing the service life of the device, reducing the likelihood of serious equipment breakdowns and avoiding the need for expensive repairs or complete replacement.

Timely and professional maintenance of air conditioners not only ensures efficient operation, saving money by avoiding the replacement of expensive parts, but also maintains a comfortable and healthy indoor microclimate.

Where to go for professional air conditioner maintenance services

Rocky Mountain provides 24/7 HVAC-R services for the professional maintenance of residential air conditioners and other types of appliances. All work is performed by highly qualified craftsmen who use certified equipment of the highest quality. Our company, Rocky Mountain, has extensive experience in this field and operates in compliance with all official licenses.

Air conditioners are serviced in accordance with strict safety and quality standards. Our qualified specialists provide a full range of services, including diagnostics, repair, and installation of air conditioning and heating systems. We use only certified equipment and adhere to the highest professional standards in the field. Our specialists provide professional assistance and advice at all stages of AC maintenance.

Advantages of our company

  • More than 16 years of experience in the HVAC-R field.
  • We provide services for the maintenance of air conditioners of all types—for industrial facilities, residential, and commercial premises.
  • We promptly respond to customer requests. The specialist will arrive at your location within 24 hours from the moment of submitting the application.
  • We quickly eliminate problems that lead to breakdowns in the operation of equipment. Maintenance of a home air conditioner with cleaning and replacement of components usually takes no more than 1–2 days, depending on the complexity of the work.
  • Rocky Mountain’s activities are official and licensed. Our company holds certificates: EPA certification, RMGA certification. We cooperate only with reliable manufacturers. We specialize in the installation of Carrier Corporation equipment, representing climatic equipment from reputable companies, such as Carrier, Tempstar, Bryant, Payne, and Day&Night. It is a global brand that produces high-quality products.
  • We offer various payment options convenient for you: account, check, and cash. The customer has 30 days to pay the large bill. If the cost of the work is over $4,000, a 50% prepayment is required. Discounts are possible for cash payment.

Every year, we introduce hundreds of options for certified equipment ready for installation. We provide services for the comprehensive maintenance of split AC systems, which includes detailed diagnostics, troubleshooting with possible replacement of parts, and restoration of normal operation of devices. The cost of the service is agreed upon before they start. Our specialists carry out replacement, repair, and maintenance of equipment only after signing the contract.

Maintenance of the central AC or other system nodes includes free disposal of the equipment. If the old one cannot be repaired, you can order a new block from our company. All our products have quality certificates and a guarantee.

Service, installation, and sale of climate equipment are carried out by our company in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. If you live in Utah, it is possible that our service center is near you. However, in any case, you can count on the quick arrival of a specialist who will make every effort to eliminate the problem in the shortest possible time.

Service maintenance of the home central air conditioner

  • Equipment cleaning and filter replacement.
  • Drainage System Check—all drain hoses and drainage systems. Careful diagnosis will allow you to avoid leaks or blockages that may occur due to excessive condensation.
  • Inspection and checking of parameters—the level of the refrigerant, the efficiency of the thermostat, etc.
  • Cleaning and washing of the condenser.
  • Checking and lubricating the fan.
  • Determining and verifying the energy efficiency of equipment use.
  • Checking controllers and wiring.
  • Conducting system performance testing—determining its performance and ensuring proper cooling.

A nice bonus is our special offers. A 50% discount applies to the first diagnosis of any system. In addition, the cost of AC maintenance in summer and winter is only $49.

When should you contact a service center for AC maintenance?

We recommend regularly contacting specialists. If the equipment is not used intensively, the service of air conditioners should be carried out at least once a year, and when using the equipment in commercial premises, the period between works can be six months, a quarter, or even less.

There are several signs that may indicate the need for unscheduled maintenance of central split systems:

  • Insufficient power of the air conditioner for cooling or heating the room.
  • Significant accumulation of condensate drops from the indoor unit.
  • An unpleasant (often rotten) smell during the operation of the device.
  • Visible contamination of the heat exchanger or other structural elements of the blocks.

In any of these cases, as well as in any non-standard situations, seek help from specialists.

To get started with Air Conditioning service & installation, call us at +1 (801) 403 6072. Our expert HVAC team is ready to make sure the job is done right the first time!

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